January 31st, 2017


So beautiful, so soothing, so energizing, so joyful. Thank you.

Kerry – Mosman Park, Sydney (Oct 2016)


Thank you for giving me a little taste of home.

Judith – Sydney (August 2015)


Great collection!

Joe – Melbourne (August 2015)


My name is Noel S.  I am Australian born and bred. I am part Aboriginal and very proud of this. I enjoyed the exhibition of Aboriginal art very much. Thank you!

Noel S. – Australia (July 2015)


I visited La grange museum last August with my partner and we were amazed to see such a vast collection of Indigenous Australian art displayed at your beautiful museum.

Kind regards

Rosy – Australia (March 2015)


A brilliant expo of amazing works of art. Thank you for all the information. Beautiful! A pleasure to visit.

Morris – Adelaide, South Australia (June 2014)


We have just come back from Môtiers where we had a delicious lunch and a most interesting visit to your museum. Absolutely wonderful! The man, Dennis Nona, is a genius. We shall mention it to our friends for a group visit.

Best wishes,

Max – Lausanne (Oct 2012)


Thank you so much for showing me around – what a most marvellous show, Dennis is such a great artist and to see his work displayed so magnificently is just great.

Günter Schlothauer – Australian Embassy, Berlin (Oct 2012)


Simply marvellous!

Pietro – (Oct 2012)


A very good and varied collection. Loved the “sky” section. Thank you.

Witchman – Sydney, Australia (Sept 2012)


What a glorious exhibition!

Fran – Tasmania (Oct 2011)


Made me proud to be Australian and I am glad PM Rudd apologized for the white man’s mistreatment of the Aborigines

Joe Quigley – Australia (Aug 2011)


Resourceful, harmonious, spiritual. Thank you.

Châteaufort – Paris (Aug 2011)


The human crave for pattern and meaning! I applaud Theresa for giving respect and making this amazing culture appreciated in the world, in the best of taste and care. Love.

Ruthy Alon – Jerusalem (July 2011)


The synergy between the works of art and the gallery creates a memorable exhibition.

Roland K. (Oct 2010)


Love this show. These paintings must take ages to make. Love it.

Emma (child) – (Aug 2010)


Your Australian Gallery is an eye opener even for someone from downunder. Congratulations and best wishes for this brave undertaking.

Bernhard Bischof – Bunbury, Western Australia (June 2010)


This museum is a source of energy! Deepest gratitude.

Terry – Perth, Australia (Oct 2009)

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