March 21st, 2016

The village of Môtiers offers indeed many attractions to its visitors.

Situated in the heart of the Val-de-Travers and counting about 800 inhabitants, Môtiers immediately enchants thanks to its architectural heritage. In the centre of the village stands the Priory dating from the 10th century, nowadays the headquarters of Mauler, a winemaking firm that produces sparkling wines. The parochial church Notre Dame was built in the 15th century. Towering over the village, the castle used to be the residence of the region’s châtelains in the 14th century; today, it is the headquarters of the watch manufacturers Bovet. The building which houses the restaurant “Six Communes” dates back to 1590. Prior to that time, weekly and annual markets were held in its wooden arcades. Situated on the Grande Rue, the Château d’Ivernois was built in the Régence style between 1721 and 1724.

Visitors to Môtiers will discover in the various museums of the village a rich cultural diversity: The museum « La grange » exhibits Aboriginal works of art from Australia and the museum « Le manège » shows a collection of rare and exceptional motorcars. Both these museums are within the domain of the Château d’Ivernois. There is also the Jean-Jacques Rousseau museum, situated in the house where the philosopher once lived and the regional museum that informs about local history and workmanship. Môtiers is also known for its regular open air exhibitions on sculpture, for its musical events and last but not least for its absinthe distilleries.

Hikers will greatly appreciate the wonderful hiking tracks that start in Môtiers.

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