March 7th, 2016

Collection of Australian Aboriginal Art

The founders, Theresa and Gérard Burkhardt, of Swiss origin, lived in Australia for twenty-five years during which they acquired Australian citizenship. Curious to know more about their newly adopted country and its first inhabitants and always passionate about art, they discovered Australian Aboriginal art which immediately captivated them through its blend of traditional influence and contemporary interpretation.
Back in Switzerland, they have continued to support Indigenous cultures by creating a museum for contemporary Australian Aboriginal art, called “La grange”. Their important collection has become a part of the Burkhardt-Felder Foundation Arts and Culture.


The museum “La grange” organizes temporary exhibitions, which usually last one opening season (June to October), or longer. Accordingly, its first exhibition Treasures of the Spirit was intended to draw the visitor’s attention to the spiritual concept of the Indigenous people of Australia. The second exhibition, Visions aborigènes, was a celebration of their rich and complex culture, placing emphasis on their particular ways of seeing and perceiving their environment. In 2012, “La grange” had the privilege of showing the incredibly intricate and beautiful linocuts and etchings of Dennis Nona, who originates from the Torres Strait Islands, Australia. In his work, the accomplished printmaker recounts the myths and legends of his islands. The current exhibition Sky and Desert draws on creation stories and life in the desert, astounding the viewer by the power, the strength and the sensitivity that the artworks reveal.

See a video of the museum (TV report 2011)

March 7th, 2016

The 18th Century Barn of the Château d’Ivernois

Built in 1721, the barn (grange in French) is an annex of the Château d’Ivernois. Its new owner, the Burkhardt-Felder Foundation Arts and Culture spent four years restoring it.
The building’s original structure was carefully maintained. One of its particularities is a beam of 18.22 meters, the longest found in the area of Neuchâtel.
Inaugurated in 2008, the museum, christened “La grange”, serves to accommodate and exhibit the Foundation’s Aboriginal art collection from Australia.
This enchanting space is now filled with the mysteries and the spirituality that emanate from the works of contemporary Australian Aboriginal artists.



November 24th, 2015

Museum “La grange”

Weekend openings (Fri-Sat-Sun) start again in May 2018 for a new exhibition.

Exhibition OCHRE MAGIC

Guided visits of the Ochre Magic exhibition upon request until end of February 2018.


With OCHRE MAGIC, the museum « La grange » focusses on art in the region of the Kimberley. Indeed, this exhibition pays homage to the great artists of the Kimberley in the extreme north of Western Australia, where the majority of artists still collect their own ochre often from land with which they have a spiritual connection, in order to create their unique contemporary artwork.

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